Parent/Child Dedication

May 9, 2021

On Mother's Day, we are going to celebrate the children that God has blessed us with. We will be having a Parent/Child Dedication service for parents who wish to dedicate their children to the Lord and to raising them to know and love the Lord. There is no specific age for this service. If you would like to be involved, CLICK HERE!

We would like you to submit a family photo and a photo of your child(ren) participating by MAY 1.  Please email photos to

NEW THIS YEAR: This year Shane & Lorna Baker will be offering a class on May 2 @ 10:00 am during the Sunday School hour for information about Parent/Child Dedication.

We will answer questions like:

Why Parent Child Dedication

Will my child be baptized

What will I have to do or say

Do I receive anything

How can I pray for my kids