Check out our service opportunities below to see how you can partner with us in sharing Christ with our community and world!

ACC Kids C.L.U.B. Volunteer

Serve in our Children's Ministry on Sunday
mornings or Wednesday Nights!

Jr./Sr. High Youth Ministry Volunteer

Serve in our Youth Ministry on Sunday
mornings or Wednesday Nights!

Sunday Morning Volunteers

Sound Quality

Run the sound board during worship services.

Visual Presentation

Use computer software to display lyrics and sermons notes during worship.


Stream our worship services to our app and YouTube for online worshippers.


I sing and/or play an instrument and would like to help with worship.


Cheerfully greet people as they enter the building.

Pencils and Pews

Stock the pews with information and keep pencils sharp.

Communion Preparer

Prepare communion trays for the worship services.

Communion Refillers

Refills communion stations
 in-between services.

Wednesday Night Connection Volunteers

Meal Prep

Help prepare the evening meal for
our Wednesday Night Connection.

Dessert Team

Help prepare and serve desserts for
our Wednesday Night Connection meals.


Help set up tables and chair before and tear down tables and chairs after the meal.

Ministry Volunteers

ACC Outdoors

Help with our outdoor ministry. (ACC Arms, ACC Archery and ACC Sportsman Dinner.)

Food Ministry

Help prepare a meal for someone recovering from sickness or loss.

Funeral Dinners

Help provide a meal at the
church following a funeral.

Helping Hands

Help with handy man jobs for people in need.

Hospital Volunteers

Visit and pray with those
in the hospital.

Minister Support

Be part of a team who supports
our ministry staff.


Be part of the team that supports at least 30 Missions.


Be part of a group who helps watch over the safety and security of the church.

Senior Trips

Shower Ministry

Help plan and insure enjoyable trips for our seniors.
Help host and plan bridal and baby showers for our church family.

Wedding Assistants

Assist with weddings held at the church.

Young at Heart

Help plan and host Young @ Heart events.

Property Care

Building Care

Help maintain our building.

Custodial Care

Help keep our building clean and looking good.


Decorate the inside of the church according to events and seasons.

Grounds Care

Help maintain the church grounds.