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I'm interested in attending ACC for the first time.
Welcome to Athens Christian Church! Our vision is to be a loving family of Christ-followers bringing light into a dark world. You can learn more about what we believe and what to expect here on our website, but we would love for you to fill out this online connection card so we can tell you more! We'd love nothing more than to have the opportunity to chat with you to answer any questions you may have so you feel comfortable and welcome on your first visit.
I'm a new believer/I'm ready to accept Jesus as my Savior
We’d love to connect so you can keep growing in your faith. Please fill out our online connection card so we can get in touch with you this week. We're excited for and can’t wait to chat with you!
I'm ready to become a member of Athens Christian Church
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I'm ready to be baptized.
Baptism is an important step after you’ve accepted Christ, as modeled in the New Testament. We’d love to chat with you and plan a date and time for your baptism. You can find out more information on baptism here, and please fill out our contact form so we can contact you!
I want to grow in my faith.
Attending Sunday service is an important part of a healthy spiritual life. But if you’re ready to really dig in to Scripture, learn, and build lifelong relationships, then it’s time to join a Sunday School and/or Wednesday Night Connection class. Fill out our contact form to learn more about these classes and we’ll be in touch to help you find the best fit!
I want to join a ministry team.
We are called not only to follow Christ, but to use the gifts and talents he’s given us to bless others. Check out our list of ministry opportunities and find out how you can get involved serving in our church and community.
I'm not sure of my next step.
Not exactly sure what your next step should be? We're here to help! We’d love to sit down and chat about where you’re at in your walk with Christ and help you figure out your best next step. Just fill out our online connection card and we’ll be in touch this week.